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How to build a cloud computing infrastructure information for people who want to build a cloud computing infrastructure rather than buy in to available cloud services. How to build a cloud computing infrastructure rather than rent space on someone else’s, here you will find information on how to build a cloud computing infrstructure if you are an IT business looking to supply cloud services to your clients, how to build a private cloud for enterprise companies looking to build a private cloud and all the variants for both parties.

We have a how to build a cloud blog and how to build a private cloud blog both providing technical & business information on how to build a cloud computing infrastructure or how to build a private cloud.

We will look at topic of interest on how to build a cloud computing infrastructure and the cloud computing market in general, stuff like new buzz words, how cloud enablement is coming to help different business build a cloud for use, perhaps you want to know how to build a cloud to deliver IaaS or how to build a cloud for SaaS or managed hosting. Maybe private cloud is the how to build a cloud question you need to answer, if so, how to build a cloud . com will be regularly updating information to give you tips and reasons to build a cloud computing infrastructure.

The question facing IT Channel companies, Enterprise IT Departments and Software vendors is how to build a cloud for my business? How will I build a cloud delivery platform or how will I build a private cloud?

Business owners, finance people, IT users are all buying in to the benefits of cloud computing and I suspect why you have tapped how to build a cloud in to google (or an equally respectable search engine) is because this demand is being pushed on you by your customers or users.

My how to build a cloud dot com website is an information resource for anyone asking the question of how to build a cloud that they own rather than jumping on-board with a cloud provider.

I write with the sincere sponsorship of a product called YourPrivateCloud which is a unique set of 3 products developed to help those businesses who want the benefits of cloud computing but not the risk of having their entire IT infrastructure managed by someone else.

However, the news, views and language used on the site is my own and not necessarily that of the company I work for.

But, the concept of the site is to provide impartial technical and business based advice on how to build a cloud computing infrastructure for their business to either deliver public cloud services to customers such as hosted servers, hosted applications, IaaS, SaaS, PaaS or any new variants of cloud computing or how to build a private cloud if you are a business IT department that want to get the business benefits of cloud computing architecture and the technical benefits of a virtual infrastructure platform but not have it managed for you by a professional IT company, for any reason.

The site includes information written by me on how to build a cloud with knowledge I have gained over my years of experience in the IT industry AND where I have been missing information, normally around some of the more technical aspects of how to build a cloud computing architecture I have specifically gained input from various people I know in the industry.

I am also a bit of a cloud computing geek and an industry socialiser so I will also try to keep readers up to date with the latest industry noise regarding the cloud computing evolution and where possible give inside information from IT trade shows and seminars.

How to build a cloud – The Cloud Computing industry

How to build a cloud platform in my opinion is a question that the industry big boys are not looking to answer to quickly, most vendors, big or small are building cloud architecture to deliver a staggering range of cloud services. Why would they want us all to build a cloud platform and not use the cloud architecture they have developed and spent lots of money on?

Microsoft have gone really big on the cloud, in my opinion a bit late, I was selling cloud services for a cloud provider called Commensus PLC long before Microsoft released Office 365. Microsoft will pu-poo the question of how to build a cloud saying that we should just use their Office 365 product and Windows Azzure.

They claim that we have all been using cloud for years saying we have all been using Hotmail for 10 years and we should now just use that for our businesses. Can you imagine using Hotmail for your business email? At the moment when I send an email from my Hotmail account the recipient gets a free advert for a popular drug to help guys. And, if you can’t get on to Hotmail, I bet that no one knows how to get support and can you image if at work you had to go through all those “help” questions rather than pick up the phone to your IT support???

I don’t mean to pick on Microsoft cloud, everyone is doing it, Dell, Symantec, IBM, Rackspace, so many I can’t write them all but all the big vendors have something cloud to offer.

What they all forget it if they were best placed to deliver IT services directly to users and IT departments, there wouldn’t be the 10’s of thousands of IT companies (big and small), nor the 100’s of thousands of qualified IT professionals working in IT departments OR the massive choice of software and hardware products available to meet different demands and needs of businesses.

They also seem to forget they are not that good at providing service! I’m not sure if you’ve ever had the misfortune of trying to speak to one of the big vendors. The endless menu options on the phone, the mind numbing hold music and the frustration conversation with someone who doesn’t speak your language are the main things people remember.

Because of all this they will never take the market with cloud, of they attract business to start with I am sure they will not do as well as they should.

However, the benefits of cloud computing are very real for businesses and if IT companies, IT departments and software companies ask now how to build a cloud and start to deliver their own cloud services they can add masses of value to their customers/users.

Most industry analysis’s says that cloud computing is going to get bigger than it already is because of the benefits it provides, but general consensus now is that we will see a hybrid IT world, a mix of traditional IT services and cloud services delivered from IT businesses and IT departments with the in-house capability to deliver cloud computing benefits to their customers, this is why you should be asking how to build a cloud computing service deliver infrastructure OR how to build a private cloud for your business.

How to build a cloud – And why?

When you start looking in to how to build a cloud I believe you need to start with the question “why build a cloud”, this is going to allow you to make some informed choices about the cloud virtualisation software, the hardware, the colocation datacentre and the connectivity you need.

Asking why build a cloud as the precursor to how to build a cloud platform is for one very simple reason, what are you going to do with this cloud once its built?

A cloud platform is going to be used for a number of reasons:

  1. You are an IT Company that wants to provide cloud services to its customers.
  2. You are an enterprise IT department that want to build a private cloud because outsourcing your infrastructure is not going to work for you.
  3. You are a software vendor who wants to deliver their product as a Service.

I’ll try and take you through the question how to build a cloud for each of these area’s one by one, you might want to skip to the bit relevant to you. See:

How to build a cloud computing platform for IT Companies

How to build a private cloud for corporate IT departments

How to build a cloud for SaaS delivery for the ISV (to follow, give me a break :) )

There is one underlying message across all of these pages. Despite the new “big” cloud providers telling us it’s far too complex to do ourselves and we all should just buy the services they have developed it’s not really that hard.

Cloud computing is having a new push but it’s pretty simple, just virtualize your kit, put it in a data centre, connect your offices to it and away you go. Don’t get me wrong there is some pretty complex architecture involved in the virtualization software, including some funky features for management and if you want to provide network security its work working with a partner who can provide a decent MPLS but otherwise cloud computing isn’t a fluffy phenomena out there in the ether. It’s a virtualized set of servers in a data centre.

The core technology components of hardware, cloud virtualization software, data centre colocation & network are key to your virtual infrastructure platform from which to deliver virtual, or to those with the buzz cloud services to your customers or organisation.

How to build a cloud – my view of the cloud computing evolution.

For those of you who have got this far, well done, writing isn’t my forte, sorry if there are grammatical errors throughout the site. But I do truly want to show how to build a cloud with the view that adoption of cloud computing is a really useful technology move for businesses both big and small.

In 2011 we already don’t like to wait for anything, you can get everything technology has to offer “on-demand” as an “app” on your phone, in a coffee house, at home, at work (well). The concept of cloud computing being available, scalable, low cost / no capital expense is true and very very useful to businesses.

I believe that while it’s a bit of a buzz now, in the future our kids will laugh at the fact we used to plan a server upgrade a few months after installing the last one and start applying for budget 2 years in advance then roll out the new services over 12 weekends working day and night to avoid weekday disruption to users.

When you write it is sounds crazy! But with business technology why don’t we just decide what we want to achieve, buy it, turn it on, use it and turn it off when we’re finish. That’s what we do at home.

How to build a cloud – recommended references.

As I say at the top I’m not completely impartial, I sell infrastructure solutions and I’m going to use the site to shamelessly plug my amazing YourCloudPlatform range of products designed to help businesses build their own cloud computing architecture.

However, I pick up lots of information useful to anyone considering taking the path of build a cloud computing platform and it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t refer you to some other useful sites on the interweb that are relevant to this concept, or just really cool.

Backbone Connect Limtied –

Ok, so I work here but this is where the whole theory for build a cloud platform came from. Backbone Connect are a CSP “Connected Service Provide” and a large percentage of their customers use the datacenters at their disposal and their network to provider cloud computing services.

YourCloudPlatform –

This is our product for cloud enablement. Simply we package hardware, virtualization software, data center colocation & network in to a product that enables new cloud providers to start delivering cloud services for low capital expenditure and quickly.

Hexagrid Computing –

These guys provide a specialisation cloud enablement virtualization solution. They have worked really hard at a product that makes how to build a cloud adoption easy, fast and value for money.

Channel Transformation Alliance –

If you are an IT company (a provider of IT in any form) you have to check out this site. It’s basically run by Ingram Micro and has everything you need to know about changing your business model to provide cloud services.

Cloud Computing Advice –

Has good articles about the cloud computing industry, generally focused at end users but good info for cloud providers trying to key an eye on the industry.

Compare the Cloud –

Yes, a bit like the compare the market, but for cloud computing services. Really cool concept and helps customers find providers.

Connect to the Cloud –

I’m now advocating HP Cloud System too.

Good resource for information on different ways to connect your or your customer’s offices to your cloud provider and the importance of connectivity for cloud computing services.

I will be adding sites to reference as I find them so check back soon for more resources.

How to build a cloud – that’s it for now

Please do navigate through the site for specific information on how to build a cloud computing platform for your business, follow us on twitter, add us on facebook and join our group on LinkedIn.

I intend to update the site regularly with blogs, news and other information all around how to build a cloud platform and the cloud computing industry in general so check back soon for updates.

Here are the pages to navigate again:

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How to build a private cloud for IT departments
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