how to build a cloud server – for a consumer

How to build a cloud server for the consumer

How to build a cloud server is a question needing to be answered. But is how to build a cloud server even a questions and if you build a cloud server what will it look like, what will you use it for, who will us it.

If you need to build a cloud server or are asking the question of how to build a cloud server then you’ve come to the right place.

Build a cloud server, what does that even mean. I appreciate you are on a website called how to build a cloud and you would expect to get an answer to how to build a cloud server but I try to make the jargon behind IT and especially cloud server a little less nonsense.

The term cloud server is quite a bit of marketing jargon. A cloud server is to all intents and purposes a server hosted on a cloud computing infrastructure platform. How to build a cloud server as a question gets a little deeper dependent on what, when, why and who provides this cloud computing platform and what their policies and services are to build a cloud server.

If you want to build a cloud server you probably are looking at two things, you want to buy a cloud server as a service from a public cloud provider (for more on that why not see the blog what is public cloud). If this is you then your need to build a cloud server is fantastic and it really doesn’t matter to you what the more technical concepts behind cloud servers are. If you are an enterprise IT department or IT channel business then skip out the next bit and go down to how to build a cloud server for enterprise and IT channel businesses.

You are looking to build a cloud server for a number of reasons no doubt. You want a new server and rather than buy some horrible loud, hot, power hungry piece of hardware you can get a server for a monthly fee out in the interweb somewhere. Exactly the sort of service I heavily promote on my site. However, I don’t have the service you are looking for but if there are not Google Adverts floating around my site for you to click I advise you to do a few things:

1. Google “cloud server” – I suggest you use search term if your requirement is for a server to run a website or an application that is not critical to you or your business. Find a site where they have made a lot of effort to look good and make it easy for you to order online. Make sure it’s a 30 day contract and buy it!

2. Google “virtual hosted server” – The results from this term should give you more business focused hosting services, if you’re an IT guy don’t be put off by “managed hosting”, no one is going to take your job it normally just means the underlying platform on which they build your cloud server is managed a little better than VPS. Use this type of service if you want to build a server in the cloud for more business type applications and purposes. I wouldn’t buy this kind of cloud server online, I would make sure you can speak to someone and ask them where your data will be kept, how it’s backed up, how fast it will run etc etc.

3. Google “Infrastructure as a Service” if you are a big small to medium size business, say 50 to 200 staff and are seriously looking in to how to build a cloud server on your own kit I urge you to speak with an Infrastructure as a Service (aka IaaS provider) rather than do it yourself. There are valid reasons for some of you to build a private cloud (if you’re not sure how that is defined then why not read what is private cloud) but in my experience in the main you are looking in to how to build a cloud server yourself for the wrong reasons, normally you don’t want to lose control.

If you want to build a cloud server and fit the above criteria you really want to buy a cloud server not build one. In most cases you can build the spec of the cloud server, what software to build on to your cloud server etc but look at your options and buy something you feel comfortable with and meets your budget.

Cloud computing is not new anymore and there are many many tried and tested cloud server providers (if in-doubt go to Rackspace for cloud servers, Commensus for virtual hosted servers and InTechnology for Infrastructure as a service, but you’ll have to google them as I’m not giving them anymore free backlinks!) who now have 4/5 year old platforms and provide great service.

The one big thing I recommend. Don’t get dazzled with the technology behind the platform or the company. There is a bit of a mine is bigger than his thing going on with cloud servers and cloud computing at the moment. In my opinion its nonsense, when you buy a cloud server, virtual hosted server or IaaS service from a provider the only things to consider are price, service levels, compatibility with your requirements and if you like / trust the company.

The technology used to build a cloud server for you in any of the marketed forms is not really of concern. How to build a cloud server is exactly the question you shouldn’t be asking and the need to understand what technology is used to build that cloud server isn’t either.

What is important is if you build a cloud server for your business, is the provider behind the cloud server going to be able to deliver on the specific needs of that server and your requirement for it. This is turning in to a bit of a rant but the best way of describing it is like vehicle for work. My requirement is to drive about all day, pick up boxes and deliver them. I need a van not a supercar for this and let’s get it in perspective, you probably don’t need gold nobs and diamond lights on your server, your effectively getting rid of the damn thing anyway by build a cloud server so who cares what it’s like as long as the person providing it can guarantee it will work and do the job you need it too!

So in summary if you are looking in to how to build a cloud server, you either need to build a cloud server on a service providers platform or you are a service provider that needs to build a cloud computing infrastructure to deliver customers cloud servers from, which is a whole different train journey!

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